Philadelphia-area home market still outperforms nation

Finally, some good news on the real estate market in Bucks County!  On November 13th, 2008 the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote an article outlining how the Philadelphia area market was outperforming the rest of the nation.  Here are some notable quotes from the article:

“Just 4.4% of area homes sold in the last five years had negative equity.  Nationally it was 14.3%”

“The area has a healthy five year annualized appreciation of 6 percent, compared with 3.4 percent nationally”

“It seems Philadelphia may escape the worst of the housing market woes affecting much of the rest of the country”

14.3 percent of national homes with negative equity and Philadelphia area only had 4.4%.  That is great news!  Well of course we would rather see NO negative equity but with all things being considered, I think we should feel pretty good about our current market.  Posted below is the news article.

Phila-area home market still outperforms nation


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