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Bucks County Real Estate Statistics February 2010

Statistics for last 2 years of Bucks County real estate prices and inventory.



Bucks County Real Estate Market for Third Quarter 2008

As you can see below, while the rest of the country is experiencing a decline in real estate pricing, Bucks County prices continue to increase.  This is due to the steady increase in employment and population that is mixed with very low mortgage rates.  For these reasons, TREND is forecasting continued growth in the fourth quarter for Bucks County housing prices.

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Bucks County real estate market update

**The average sold price in Bucks County for October 08 was $321,352**

For a comparison, here are the stats for October in previous years for Bucks County:

The average sold price for October 07 was $325,029

The average sold price for October 06 was $331,924

The average sold price for October 05 was $326,519

Market Statistics Criteria Used:

Price Range: 0 to 999,000

Property Category: Residential

Area: All Bucks County


How much lower will it go?

That’s the question everyone in Bucks County is asking and I certainly wish I knew that answer. Many people are holding their breath and waiting to see how this election will affect the market. The only immediate reaction that I foresee stemming from this election will be a boost in consumer confidence. A fresh face with exciting new ideas will help some consumers to get off the fence and finally buy or sell that home they have patiently been waiting on. John McCain and Barack Obama both have good ideas for jump starting the economy but remember, no matter who gets elected, the various policies each presidential candidate would like to enact still have to be ratified by the rest of the government and are nothing but good ideas until that happens.

Keith Reilly




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