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How to build wealth with multi-unit properties.

Duplex’s Triplex’s and Quad’s

It starts out with getting a pre-approval.  Contact your mortgage rep and find out how much money you can borrow.  This is called a pre-approval.  Once you have been pre-approved you will know how much house you can afford.  If you cannot get approved for a loan then now is not the time for you to be investing in real estate.  If you ARE approved for a loan, then congratulations you now have the tools to get started. 

In my opinion, the safest and easiest way to build real estate wealth is by purchasing and LIVING IN multi-unit properties for as little cash down as possible.  You will be living in one unit of the house and renting out the other units.  These “other” units will be paying your mortgage for you, allowing you to build up equity without paying for it.  You will want to purchase duplex’s, triplex’s or quad’s.  These are obviously houses with 2, 3 and 4 units in them respectively.  Once you have been pre-approved for a loan amount, tell you Realtor you want to look at these three types of properties within the loan amount that you have been pre-approved for.  The reason that you want to purchase houses from 2-4 units is because lenders will typically allow you to move into homes with up to 4 units for as little as a 3% down payment.  Now of course lending rules are constantly changing but let me show you the basic math here.

Quadplex Example

Purchase price:  250,000

Down payment:  -7,500 (3%)

Mortgage (5%):  -1,300 /m

Rents: (750/m per unit)  2,250 /m

Cash flow:  +950/m

That was a pretty basic example but it illustrates some very important principles.  It shows how for very little money down you can live in a house that is not only paying for itself but giving you a return every month.  Now of course there are expenses that have to be paid like insurance, taxes, mortgage insurance, utilities etc but you can see my point.  Instead of you shelling out your hard earned money to pay for your mortgage or rent, you are now being PAID to live in your home.  I would suggest taking the extra cash from rent and putting it into an account to be used for vacancies and home repairs.  Additionally, you should also take the extra rent and put it back into your house for repairs and upgrades.  This will let you raise rent and increase the resale value.  This is called “forced appreciation“.

Part 2

You are now living in your quadplex and you are not only saving a tremendous amount of money but maybe also making a little profit on your multi-family home.  A year has now gone by and you should have been saving up cash for your next house cause guess what?  You are going to be buying your next multi-family property!  Go talk to you mortgage rep and get pre-approved for your next mortgage.  If you don’t get approved then keep saving and try again later.  If you DO get approved then purchase  and MOVE IN to your next multi and repeat the process. 

Quad  1

Purchase Price:  250,000

mortgage and expenses:  -2,000

rents from 4 units (750/unit:  3,000

Cash flow:  +1,000

Quad 2

mortgage and expenses:  2,000

rents from 3 units:  2,250

Cash flow:  +250

Quad 1&2

Combined Cash flow:  +1,250

Combined home value:  500,000

Lets pretend you don’t buy anymore properties and you hold these two homes for 5 years.  Lets also say that they don’t appreciate or increase in value due to demand.

Five years later:

Quad 1

Equity built up:  +25,162

Quad 2

Equity built up:  +20,429

From just an equity standpoint, using 15,000 cash you built up $45,591 in equity in five years.  Not to mention the extra cash flow on top of that.  Now, lets say that your houses appreciated at a modest 3% appreciation rate a year.  Those two properties would be worth $298,513 and $289,818 respectively.  That’s $88,331 worth of appreciation.

Lets look at those numbers again.

Quad 1

purchased in 2009 at 250,000

Quad 2

purchased in 2010 at 250,000


Total Equity built up: $45,591

Total Appreciation built up:  $88,331

Total Profit:  +133,922

Initial investment:  -$15,000

So what exactly does that mean?  It means you purchased 2 quads in five years that not only paid for themselves, but also gave you a profit of $133,922 on your initial investment of $15,000.  That’s is quite a nice return wouldn’t you agree?  Of course it is easier said then done but just by going through this simple example you can see how you can easily built wealth with very little money.  Just think if you had kept purchasing multi-unit properties that paid for themselves your entire life?  The return would be tremendous.  Of course to pull this off you would have to lean heavily on your team.  Your contractor would be needed to keep those properties is good shape and continuously improving them.  Your Realtor would have to be finding you the best deals and closing them.  Your mortgage rep would be busy finding ways for you to finance them and your lawyer would be busy keeping you out of trouble.  Once again I know this was a very basic example but knowing the fundamentals is half the battle.

All that’s left is a commitment.


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